Duct Inspection Robot:

          Duct Inspection robot provides the best performance in the AC duct cleaning work. It reaches where the humans cannot reach, also provides precision inspection and monitoring of Air Duct.

We call it as the third eye for Air Duct cleaning professionals. This sophisticated robot can scan entire duct in all possible dimensions and give a high definition video feedback for its operator even from the darkest and deepest ducts.

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Unmanned Ground Vehicle:

Unmanned Ground Vehicle provides a compact solution for the surveillance operation. UGV plays an important role in support of marine corps combat and defence forces. It enables the operator to carry to any place due to its compact and handy design. It can be functional in any terrain and in any hazardous environment.

UGV’s metallic chassis feature allows the user to use it on the rugged and robust operation for nuclear site inspection, coal mining. This Robot remote operating feature provide protection and safety to their operator who operates from many hundreds of meter away.

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